Sunday, 3 April 2016

Renaud away socialists and approaches Fillon

In several interviews, the singer, 63, who released his album this Friday, talks about his political position. The man on the left is disappointed.  He is back. And multiplies the interviews. Renaud "Phoenix" returns! Promoting his new album, Still standing out on Friday, made him speak. After his attacks against Jean-Jacques Goldman and Dumbs, the singer explains in South West that he will vote more socialist. "The agreement with Turkey is a shame as everything that this supposedly left in power. Deprivation of nationality, the reform of the Labour Code ... Things that same right would not have dared to initiate . never again will I vote socialist. no one excites me today, no, "said the singer of 63 years who had supported Ségolène Royal in 2007.

It adds a layer in the JDD, saying he "will perhaps vote for François Fillon I think is a perfectly honest man, a true Republican." "It is complicated anyway," he said about his intentions in voting "Mélenchon is leftism, adventurism, an outdated idealism Le Pen is the brown plague.." For Renaud, "these politicians mostly think about changing their reality before that of the country."
The disarray of passing time

Renaud has also said that he had spent in Still Standing, his 24th album, two songs to the victims of the January and November 2015 attacks in France. "I lost my friends Charb, Cabu, Tignous I loved Honore, Wolinski ... Then on November 13, horrific barbarism. This tiny minority of Islam that has millions of moderate practitioners. I do not like not religion, I respect them, but I curse these jihadists against whom I try to fight with my modest weapons, "said the writer of chronicles in Charlie Hebdo and Causette.

In his album, he betrays his dismay at the passing time ( "Life is ugly and it's too short," "My Birthday"). And sings to his family, his son Malone ( "Little man") and his granddaughter Heloïse ( "Eloise"), as he did yesterday for his wife ( "my bitch") or daughter ( "Morgane you"). He also remembers loved ones: Coluche, her boyfriend, and Brassens, he mentions twice, including a beautiful ballad about the comfort that provides writing ( "Words"). The album release will be preceded on Wednesday with the publication of a collection of his columns written in Charlie Hebdo in the 1990s (Helium editions).

There is one year, return seemed unlikely. The singer stood far from the studios, prey to his inner torments and excessive drinking, silent despite "Renaudmania" growing, born from the success of two albums of covers in 2014. And then things accelerated: the slammer Grand Corps Malade convinces the spring of 2015 take up the pen to its collective album It remains us that.
He stopped drinking suddenly

Renaud writes and saves a text addressed to his 9 year old son, Malone, dubbed "Your Battery". "Me I am no longer a lot of noise / You already noticed / Forget all the vultures / Your daddy is there," there murmur the singer in this song included in her new album. This text calls others the inspiration he felt drained their spots. At the start, he moved into the ICP studios in Brussels with guitarist Michael Ohayon, in charge of arrangements. This sign most music, the other being the work of singer Renan Luce, son of Renaud, Jean-Pierre Buccolo and Alain Lanty. Quickly, Renaud, however, that his voice worn by his "dark years" does not follow. It makes a complete check-up at a clinic: "Everything was a nickel except potassium levels so low that, overnight, I could die of a heart attack, the doctor explained to me," said "the Phoenix "in Causette.

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Renaud returned to South West over the years he was "a drunk." "I was lying at midnight, I got up at noon and I was leached. I was shaking, I was sore all over and I had to bring my mouth at the cafe rather than the opposite. The ravages of alcohol. Pastis and beer . I have not read a book for almost eight years. I rediscovered my son when he was 10 years old. I missed her childhood, "he further said. "Then I met a wonderful addiction specialist and I stopped alcohol. On the net once, it was September 21," added Renaud in Causette, which displays since his desire to fight, as evidenced the song "Still standing" output end of January. "I'm spruced up, back on feet / Right on my stumps, resurrected," proclaims the title manifesto in response to "asshole" or "bastards" who wanted the "buried" too fast. This song has heartened his fans, but his offensive tone has worried some about his ability to revive the second degree and humor, his trademarks.

With effective "I kissed a cop", inspired by the Republican march after the attacks, and the respectful "Hypercacher", he tries to reconcile with these "cops" as he lambasted in the past and with the Jewish community, "I was a little abused for my pro-Palestinian engagement," as he told L'Express.

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