Sunday, 3 April 2016

Beaune conquered by transgender thriller Man on High Heels

The exciting feature of Korean Jang Jin received the Grand Prix of the eighth edition Policeman International Film Festival. The thriller genre cinema succession. Will be seen more than ever, and in more ways than one, with the winner of the eighth edition of the Festival de Beaune, whose track record was made on Saturday 2nd April. It is indeed surprising feature of Jang Jin Man on High Heels - translate "Men in high heels" - which received the Grand Prize and the Critics' Prize (unanimous). President Sandrine Bonnaire and jury (members include Ludivine Sagnier, Melvil Poupaud and Jean-Pierre Améris) were sensitive to the madness of the Korean feature film that focuses on the life of a cop (Cha Seung won), the efficiency recognized by his peers, who hides him in a thwarted desire: to become a woman. Come there to change sex as they desire? Will he give up everything to join some mafia who approach? Does he not fall for a young barmaid in love with him, which will help stop a serial rapist?

Beyond the single plot, Man on High Heels enthusiasm by its ability to entrench themselves cinematographic records. With surprising ease, Jang Jin goes so willingly sub adrenaline action movie melodrama as kitsch or sophomoric comedy of ultraviolence to tears - as if Quentin Tarantino Asian met Pedro Almodovar! And virtuosity of staging one can only admire, especially at a staggering battle with umbrellas (that have nothing to do with those of Cherbourg). Visually quite beautiful and very inventive in his choice of music or sound editing, this hybrid film about identity and virility (perhaps long hair, but who cares) released in French cinemas on 13 July.

Desierto and Black Diamond the winners

It also should welcome the Jury Prize awarded (as tradition) tie, and it is this year's first two films that work on this second place. The jurors honored indeed very effective Desierto de Jonás Cuarón (son of Alfonso, among other filmmaker of Gravity), survival in southeastern California desert with a crazy sniper taking pleasure in knocking down Mexican immigrants in the company of a dog very sinister. The other winner is none other than the last work presented in competition, Black Diamond, Arthur Harari first film - the obvious writing skills - about a son who, at the death of his father, decides to find his family in Antwerp, working in the middle of the diamond. The opportunity for revenge? This is also in honor of Fritz Bauer, a German hero Lars Kraume, neat biopic (but very academic) of a famous Nazi hunter awarded by the jury Police Special. We would have also liked to see in this Braqueurs palmares of Julien Leclercq and tragicomic tribulations of the Very Big Shot crew. But everyone can not win - and Sandrine Bonnaire stated at the ceremony: "I know this is not said, but in the selection, there are some movies that I do not!"

The New Blood goes through the Ardennes

Regarding the new section Blood - highlighting the often quite original films - the jury chaired by Serge Moati submitted its laurels unanimously to another rookie, Belgian Robin Pront The Ardennes (due out April 13 ). This blend of stylized thriller and classic tragedy wowed many festival goers, bewitched by the blue lights, shaken by violence, diverted by the arrival of a strange creature with feathers (we will not say more) and pleasantly surprised rehabilitation of techno music for tuned cars! Serge Moati Note that has, incidentally, reported his "favorite" for the UFO Quebec Demons Philippe Lesage.

Finally, the public will appreciate Burgundy, besides the films in competition (and local wines), the delivery of some literary awards (including the Grand Prix du Roman French for Black Gold Black Dominique Manotti) and the tribute to Brian Palma, who gave a master class in the afternoon. Meanwhile the ninth edition - already on the way, the deputy mayor Alain Suguenot which revealed ...-, we repeat: do not miss Man on High Heels in cinemas this summer. And no matter whether you are a man or a woman, and you were wearing high heels or sneakers...

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