Sunday, 3 April 2016

The Visitors tonight on TF1: Put yourself in the bath before the release of new film

Wednesday, cinemas welcome the new episode of Visitors. Meanwhile, TF1 broadcast Sunday night the first part of the saga became cult. Revise your classics! Lovers of cult comedies appointment tonight on TF1 to see or review the Visitors, the hit comedy by Jean-Marie Poiré, released in 1993. An essential film that has gathered at its output over 13.7 million spectators in theaters. A success due to the originality of the story that plays with anachronisms.

The story centers on two character from the Middle Ages, in 1123, the Count Godefroy de Montmirail, said "the Bold" and his squire Jacquouille the scoundrel who find themselves propelled, thanks to a blunder in the composition a potion in the twentieth century, in 1992. the two unfortunate there are knowledge of their descendants whose roles have changed somewhat in 800 years. Jacques-Henri Jacquart, a new rich who is none other than the descendant of Jacquouille, is indeed the owner of the castle Montmirail.

The comic effect of the film is essentially based on the discovery by the two "exiles" of the modern world as we know it, or rather we knew it 23 years ago! This gives hilarious scenes and replicas have since become cult. Inevitably, one of the dialogues, it retains the "Okayyy" but also "What is qu'ce binz" or "But Mr. Ouch, not with your poncho!".

Side scenes, the arrival in our time remains memorable, especially when Godfrey and Jacquouille crosses paths with a buckwheat in a charriote the devil, that when Jacquouille plays with switches shouting "Day Night" or that bath when Godefroy splashes of Chanel N ° 5.

The other advantage of Visitors is its cast, including the duet with Jean Reno and Christian Clavier. Not to mention the performance of Valérie Lemercier, impeccable bourgeois stuck in a role which earned him also the César Award for Best Supporting Actress.

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